Thursday, December 22, 2011

Latest Obsessions

My mom has had this cabinet since I can remember she used it for her china.  It used to belong to my great grandma.  My mothers, fathers mother.  Apparently it used to be a radio cabinet and then they turned it into a music cabinet.  The door is not part of the original cabinet and I don't think the shelves were either.  My mom had has it in storage for awhile but we got it out and I refinished it.   Of course I didn't get a before picture until I started the project. 

This was the first time I used spray painted.  I used ivory but I wish there wasn't so much yellow in it.  Then I distressed it lightly and put a wax on it.  I love the wax finish. 

For Christmas this year I thought I would make Josie some clothes since I haven't made her anything yet.  I used my old shirt and turned it into a dress.

Adorable, huh.

Then I found this cute tutorial on how to make this cardigan from Shwin and Shwin. Love it!

I made these boots.  Pattern from ithinksew.  These were harder just because they were small.

They didn't match the dress so I made these cute shoes also from shwin and shwin.  These were a cinch. 

I just hope they all fit her.  I think my new favorite thing is sewing.  Can't wait until Christmas.  My whole family will be there for a huge party.

4th Of July

My family did the usual 4th of July in Jackson Hole this year.  We used to do this every year but the last few years we have had a hard time making it.  We had a 3 bedroom hotel and then Mom and Dad decided they wanted another room so they rented another for them and Cindrie.  We stay with in walking distance to the fireworks which is our favorite part.  We did the Alpine slide.

 We took the boat across Jenny Lake and then hike to Hidden Falls.  With all the heavy run off this year the falls were beautiful.


We all gathered at the Falls because they were putting out a very nice cool mist.  It was a nice break.

Channy and Kyle got some scowls because they had such a tiny baby.  I would have liked to tell them that they do more hiking than most of the people on the trail combined.  They hunt!  It was such a good time for us all to be together and just hang out.  My family is the greatest. 

We Moved Again

Gosh it has been awhile.  Sometime I don't feel like I have anything worth blogging and since we moved, well life in a town home is just plain boring.  So ya, we moved last June.  We are done doing the house sitting thing for awhile.  So now we have moved closer to town and work.  But oh how we miss our Sophie.


It is crazy how much happiness a dog can give you unless your not dog person of course.  I think when we left her we went back to having to figure how to be happy and we were staring at the walls of our place going mad.

To put it nicely we moved into a filthy pigsty.  It took us about 2 weeks of cleaning every free moment we had.  We replaced all the blinds and repainted the whole place.  It is much better but oh so small however, it is cozy and it is our home.

As soon as we moved in I repainted our bed I really didn't like the pine grain and I was loving all the turquoise I was seeing.  I absolutely love it.  Also to note is that most of my pictures are with my cell phone so not great quality but totally convienent.


I made over the light in the dining room it was the ugliest light but I didn't want to buy a new one.  I made this with poster board and hot glued the burlap and fabric and then glued it to the original shade so it can be removed easily.   It also dims the light making it romantic for dinner. 


We also got an addition that Chris has been dying to have for a few years now.  He finally got his plasma TV.  He was very proud this day.  To be honest I can't believe how much I enjoy the TV as well.  Plus it is great for Mario Kart.  I also bought a couple of nice dressers one for the TV to stand on and another for the other bedroom to store junk.


I organized the freezer using a dry erase marker for the front to keep an ongoing inventory.

I still have more projects to go but I will always have another project I am working on. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am an Auntie Again

My cute little sister Chantae had her little girl. Her labor went so fast that by the time the anesthesiologist was available it was too late, so my sister is wonder woman in my opinion. I had to work all week so yesterday my hubs and I made the trip to hang out for the day with the new little family. Her name is Josie.

Babies are so precious when they sleep. She looked so perfect. She is a good little baby and slept for 4 hours straight and we even went to dinner and not peep came out of her.

Chris loves little girls. I have no idea if he likes boys seems as every baby he has been around for the last year has been girls. He just loves to hold them and play with their fingers.

We had a great time visiting. It was neat to watch my sis and bro in-law learning to be parents. When we went to dinner they drove so slow I had to laugh. I am so grateful I get to be a part of this little girls life. I kept thinking that one day maybe if we are lucky we will have a little girl that will think Josie is the coolest cousin ever. Those will be the days.

Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom

It has been 30 years today. So glad they figured out how to make it work. Thanks for every thing and sure love you tons!
Thats me the big sister and my little sister Chelsey. I bet I was only four so my parents had been married for 5 years. Our family sure has changed.